Content Management System (CMS)

So far things are going well. The CMS took some time and has some bugs that are only showing up now that the site is on a real server, not just the one on my home pc. The site now has enough photos to look like a real site but there are still small details about the CSS that I will need to fix. So far so good. The CMS, that obviously only I have access too, is coming along nicely as well. I think I had a good plan on how to set it up and now I’m just tweaking details and refining it to make it as user friendly as possible. Its good enough for me but this project was for me to learn how to make a CMS for a layman, not for a person with a background in tech. There are still a few things that could cause problems for people who are caught unaware of some of the quirks of my set up like when you upload a photo it will take you to a page where you input all of its information regardless of whether or not it was uploaded properly. There is a message that says it wasn’t but unless you were paying attention a user would probably just ignore it. So, there are some issues I’ll be fixing but nothing seems like it should be too problematic.

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