Plans with only a few weeks of school left

I’m getting close to finishing up this semester. In about 3 weeks I’ll be taking my last final and complete an associate’s degree. It took about three semesters taking classes part time and I’m excited to be getting out into the workforce. I’m not terribly worried about finding a job right away. Here is my plan. I’ll update my resume this week and start applying for jobs in about two weeks. From everyone I’ve talked to its a great job market so I hope that will turn out to be true. If for whatever reason it isn’t and it takes me a long time to get hired, I’m not too concerned. I’ll still be able to stay at my current job, until I find something. I’m planning on taking a class on PHP and MySQL next semester so if nothing else that class will help me get some more experience and will be something I can add to my resume.

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