You might know it when you see it, but you won’t see it until you know it

I’m back to working on android and I started a class titled “Website Universal Design”. So far the class has been interesting and if you’ve never heard of it, it is a best practices course on what to do to design a great website. There is a major focus on making sure your site is clear and usable for people of differing abilities. Its clear to me that the design of the website should not get in the way of a user┬átrying to navigate through it, and we’ve seen many examples of great sites and a surprisingly large number of confusing and poorly designed sites. Having completed a degree in psychology you figure out that sometimes the results of major studies seems like common sense and a person can feel as though they already knew that information. However, just like with websites, great design elements seem like they would be obvious, but that is only because you were told about them.

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