Back to basics

Its been quite a while since I last posted. Here’s what is new.

I took some time away from applying to spruce up my resume and develop on my free time. I started applying again and after a few months of sending out resume after resume I received my first response and it read:

“Thanks for contacting us and your interest in our company.

We received many applications and unfortunately, your experience and skills were not the best match for our company at this time. We wish you the best.”

I can’t begin to explain how great it felt to be rejected. It means someone actually looked at my resume! I’m not just sending out resumes into space hoping for a response. So, this has bolstered my resolve. It has been a learning process though. I realized that I have more stuff to show on my resume than I had previously thought I did. I had been working through the challenges on freecodecamp and didn’t think to post them. I had focused on making the challenges work and unfortunately left them fairly ugly. Now I’m applying for work as a front end developer so I’m going back to beautify them a bit and I’ll be posting them up as I do.

Back to applying and beautifying.