Completed Free Code Camp’s Local Weather App

The “zipline” was pretty straight forward but it was a good introduction to using API’s. I struggled with connecting my code to the Open weather map‘s API but after figuring out which functional call to use it was pretty easy. One more thing I struggled with was that I expected some of the data to return as a single string but one of the items was actually an Object that I didn’t realize because the documentation didn’t say anything about it. When I saw what was happening I ended up using a for … in loop with a key and it worked out fine. Lastly, its not very pretty, I think I ended up with these colors because of Easter but here it is.

My weather app

My weather app with my code visible

March Review

I started working on Free Code Camp and I’m really enjoying it. The first few lessons were pretty easy and mostly review. I’m now making a small site that shows the local weather. Its actually been a little challenging. I had never known how to work with an API and although there is a bit of a learning curve I think I just pushed passed it. Setting it up and understanding how the message from the other site is received has been the toughest part and simply googling “How do I set up an API?” was the wrong question. I ended up using jQuery’s $.getJSON method and it has worked well. I’ll post a link to the codepen once I finish.