Resume redirection now works

It turns out I did create my redirection correctly, the problem was that I didn’t clear my browser cache. I realized it when I was checking the site on a different computer. It magically was working. Then I tried it on my main pc and it again did not work. I just cleared the cache and history and it worked without a hitch.


I just put up a basic resume. Right now its just a start. I didn’t realize how long its been since I had updated it. I ended up deleting most of what I had and didn’t include work history as it isn’t relevant to computer science. I’ll be working more stuff in and as well as updating the entries I’ve already made.

I added a link on the top bar. One issue I haven’t figured out yet was the redirection. I want to redirect “” to “”. For some reason it isn’t working and when I type in “” it takes me to google because it couldn’t find it and sometimes it’ll take me to “”. The redirection works fine if I include “www.” at the beginning. I’ll figure it out soon enough.

Progress notes

So in the past weeks I’ve been working on the back-end. I rewrote some of the code for adding thumbnails which now I’m much happier. All of the small photos you see on the photography pages are thumbnails that are small and will load more quickly. The way it is set up now I still upload a thumbnail separately but the code is written to allow me to display a small version of the full res in case I don’t have a thumbnail for it yet.

Recently I’ve been working on creating an online resume. I’m still coming up with how I want it to look and I’m having some issues with making both the resume section and the photography section match with the cs blog. One specific issue is with the font. There’s so much to learn and do. Why am I writing about it instead of actually working on it?