Infatuated with refactoring

I’ve been making a lot of progress recently, and with the progress comes learning about better ways of doing the same thing. For instance, I’ve rewritten the backend part of the photography part of this site about 4 times. The first time it was all simply html and css, I was a beginner and that’s what I did when I was a kid so it seemed like a logical place to start. Then I learned some PHP and added that. Then came MySQL and databases. It was coming along nicely until I realized the way that I set up the databases was terribly inefficient, so I rewrote it again.  As I learn more I see how much better something can be so I make tweaks or rewrite chunks of code. At this point if I’ve made some changes to make the site run more efficiently but it looks exactly the same, I get pretty excited. I’m hoping to get the photography part of the site up and running soon. At my regular job I’m working six days a week but I’m going to start taking days off here and there so I can focus on development and move to greener pastures.