Not taking the nuclear option

When programming I’ve generally found it easier to restart than look for the bugs. This works fine with simple projects but its really nothingĀ  more than bad habit. I know when I’m working on anything complex it won’t be a realistic or time efficient option. So I’m forcing myself to debug what I have and not going nuclear and rewriting from the beginning. This method helps develop a greater understanding of how the program works as well.

School is out

I just finished my last class and worked as a substitute teacher for hopefully the last time. Although I was a sub, believe it or not I actually worked over 40 hours a week. then add to that the time I’d spend with school work it didn’t leave a whole lot of time for much else. It is exciting to have enough time to work on projects that I’m interested in. I still sit on my balcony and write up code on my laptop but now that my classes are over and summer has begun I can redouble my efforts and make more progress on the things I find most interesting, which is still web and android development.

Beginning a career in a completely new field is also exciting but brings a little nervousness as well. I’ve got enough money saved for a couple of months so I should have plenty of time to find something. If in the worst case scenario I don’t find anything before then, I can always go back to subbing, but here’s hoping that going back to the school district won’t be necessary.