A lesson learned

I had an internship this past summer. A valuable lesson I learned  was that when you are struggling to find the answers, you’re usually asking the wrong questions, or asking questions the wrong way.It was my lack of background knowledge that made for seemingly endless searches. I didn’t know the right key term and I would use educated guesses until I found what I was looking for. As I started to learn the right keywords and technical terms I started to progress more quickly, simply because I was asking the right questions so I could spend more time on the code and less on time Google.

HTML and CSS progress update

Its been a few weeks since I started learning some HTML and CSS. It started off a little slowly but it has picking up speed lately. HTML is very straightforward, it is very similar to the XML I’ve worked with on Android. CSS is a bit more tricky because there are so many options. You can do one thing ten different ways. Finding one that works well with what you want to do is the biggest challenge.

F-12 has been amazing. It is great to be able to see how other sites are built and being exposed to new things that I hadn’t even heard of and thinking about how I can use some of those design elements in my site.

I’m currently working on the photography page of the site. Once I’m happy with how it looks I’ll be working on making a template for the other pages on the site. I wouldn’t say I’m close to finishing that page but I can tell that I’m moving forward and my progress has increased quite a bit since I started.

Done with school… for now.

In school you are either learning the basics of how to create something or theoretical details. Now its time to put everything I’ve learned to use and go further than simply having a theoretical understanding or just building something basic. I’m working on revamping this website. The basics of HTML and CSS are fairly straight forward, you are both the architect and the interior designer. I’m planning on continuing to incorporate wordpress but also changing some of the HTML and CSS myself so I can fine tune it to meet my needs. So far the most time consuming thing has been the planning, I’ve had different ideas of what I’d want my site to look like and I’m starting to whittle it down to a solid one.

“Measure twice, cut once”