Welcome back

Wow, its been a while. My original plan was to continuously update this blog, I wanted to update the site once or twice a week. However, my Calc II class has taken more time than I had imagined any class ever taking, so much so that the computer science (CS) class that I’m taking was getting overlooked. The computer science CS class has been a much easier and much more enjoyable than that calculus class. I still enjoy the suffering that calc has provided, but I’m not willing to allow it to bring down my grade in the CS class.


I’m planning on splitting this site into different parts. I want to keep this part but in addition I plan on adding a photography section. I’m still undecided on whether it will be a blog or just a photographer website, maybe both. I’ll probably start with the photo website and go from there, as I already have a blog here. For now I’ll be continuing to learn Android, which I haven’t touched ┬ásince a couple of weeks into the semester and I’ve been itching to get back to.

One thing I enjoy about this site is that it holds me accountable, I haven’t updated in over a month and even though I’m pretty sure no one is reading it doesn’t matter, I’m doing this to learn and if someone else happens to find it interesting or useful that’s great, if not it’s still something that I enjoy.