Back to basics

Its been quite a while since I last posted. Here’s what is new.

I took some time away from applying to spruce up my resume and develop on my free time. I started applying again and after a few months of sending out resume after resume I received my first response and it read:

“Thanks for contacting us and your interest in our company.

We received many applications and unfortunately, your experience and skills were not the best match for our company at this time. We wish you the best.”

I can’t begin to explain how great it felt to be rejected. It means someone actually looked at my resume! I’m not just sending out resumes into space hoping for a response. So, this has bolstered my resolve. It has been a learning process though. I realized that I have more stuff to show on my resume than I had previously thought I did. I had been working through the challenges on freecodecamp and didn’t think to post them. I had focused on making the challenges work and unfortunately left them fairly ugly. Now I’m applying for work as a front end developer so I’m going back to beautify them a bit and I’ll be posting them up as I do.

Back to applying and beautifying.

So far no dice

I started applying to jobs a few months ago and so far I’ve had zero luck in hearing back. I started going to the San Diego JavaScript Meetup and I’m getting involved. I’m surprised by how much I’ve learned yet how little I know. This group has been great though, and it has been introducing me to many topics that I know I’ll need in order to find work. Now I’m learning React and how it creates a virtual DOM in order to allow for websites to refresh only the parts that have changed. The syntax with ES6 is taking a little getting used to but I can easily see how it is much better than the old fashioned way I had been doing it before. So, I’ll keep on learning and I’ll keep on working on putting more stuff on my resume until I find something, then, I’ll continue doing the same.

Job application process begins

After years of education, I’m starting to apply to jobs. I know that right out of the gate I won’t be commanding a high salary, and for now I’m OK with that. All I need to do is get my foot in the door somewhere and prove myself and everything else will grow from there. I’m excited to actually make this jump. It’s a completely new career path and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and to actually make a living doing something I would be working on in my spare time anyway.


I just joined LinkedIn a few minutes ago. There are a few reasons I waited so long to join. First, I didn’t have a reason to. I wasn’t looking for a job and didn’t really see the point of having one more social network. Second, I was annoyed by how many invitations I received from any person I had ever sent an email to and that really turned me off to it. However, now that I’m looking for work in a completely new industry it makes a lot more sense.

If you’re coming here from LinkedIn, this part of my site is a straight forward WordPress blog. The other sections are ones that I wrote. and provide a better representation of my work.

Completed Free Code Camp’s Local Weather App

The “zipline” was pretty straight forward but it was a good introduction to using API’s. I struggled with connecting my code to the Open weather map‘s API but after figuring out which functional call to use it was pretty easy. One more thing I struggled with was that I expected some of the data to return as a single string but one of the items was actually an Object that I didn’t realize because the documentation didn’t say anything about it. When I saw what was happening I ended up using a for … in loop with a key and it worked out fine. Lastly, its not very pretty, I think I ended up with these colors because of Easter but here it is.

My weather app

My weather app with my code visible

March Review

I started working on Free Code Camp and I’m really enjoying it. The first few lessons were pretty easy and mostly review. I’m now making a small site that shows the local weather. Its actually been a little challenging. I had never known how to work with an API and although there is a bit of a learning curve I think I just pushed passed it. Setting it up and understanding how the message from the other site is received has been the toughest part and simply googling “How do I set up an API?” was the wrong question. I ended up using jQuery’s $.getJSON method and it has worked well. I’ll post a link to the codepen once I finish.

Month in review

I’ve been working steadily. I learned how to use version control (git) and I’ve been learning javascript and some jquery. It’s tough working full time then to go home and work on learning programming. It’s fun, and I always look forward to it but it can be draining.

I’ve been working on for my cousin’s business and using some of the javascript/jquery that I’ve learned. It’s not the prettiest site but it responsive and although there are still some issues that I want to fix it is usable.

I’ll be spending some time working on my resume so I can start applying soon, as much as I enjoy working with kids its time to move forward with this programming business.


Just because I’m not posting doesn’t mean I’m not working

The past few weeks I’ve been quite busy with work. However, I am still making time for my¬† own learning. I haven’t updated my site bacause I’ve been busy learning javascript. It is so powerful that I’m really excited learning it.

I had originally tried learning some programming by watching youtube videos and attempting to piece it all together. I learned a lot of random things but had no way of connecting them all together. I found a website that took a bunch of material from the web and puts it all together fairly nicely. If you are interested it is:

Javascript is sexy

Resume redirection now works

It turns out I did create my redirection correctly, the problem was that I didn’t clear my browser cache. I realized it when I was checking the site on a different computer. It magically was working. Then I tried it on my main pc and it again did not work. I just cleared the cache and history and it worked without a hitch.


I just put up a basic resume. Right now its just a start. I didn’t realize how long its been since I had updated it. I ended up deleting most of what I had and didn’t include work history as it isn’t relevant to computer science. I’ll be working more stuff in and as well as updating the entries I’ve already made.

I added a link on the top bar. One issue I haven’t figured out yet was the redirection. I want to redirect “” to “”. For some reason it isn’t working and when I type in “” it takes me to google because it couldn’t find it and sometimes it’ll take me to “”. The redirection works fine if I include “www.” at the beginning. I’ll figure it out soon enough.